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The Appalachian Operations aggregates individual resource assets to deliver a vertically integrated 'Smart Carbon' business, from 'mine face to customer'. The collection of infrastructure and operations creates a high value 'Appalachian Smart Carbon Hub'.

Key Elements:

  • Key Infrastructure Assets in an existing coal basin secured 

  • Rail and River Port access to market

  • Capacity to beneficiate through a state of the art coal washery delivering multiple high value products

  • Offtake and sales secured with established path to market

  • Scalable with enormous growth and expansion capacity 

  • Fully permitted and Environmental bonded.

The team has an immediate strategic intent to expand within the region and is currently assessing locally related assets.


A wholly owned SNR facility, Lockwood Loadout is fully permitted as a Smart Carbon Processing and Loading Dock, located south of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, on the Big Sandy Fork of the Ohio River. Coal is brought into the facility by road (truck) or by barge (river). It is one of the only permitted barge unloading facilities. There is also capacity for rail at the facility, but is currently un-used by the facility.

The total permit area is 67 surface acres comprised of processing facility, management area, dugout ponds and road.

The Lockwood facility stocks and transports customers product as well as Company porduct. The facility has the required heavy machinery equipment. The facility offers a large opportunity for growth and offers an attractive low cost logistics channel.


A wholly owned SNR facility, Ivel Preparation Plant is located 0.14 miles west of Ivel Coal Company Road and US 23 near Ivel, Kentucky and is a permitted facility. The total permit area is 42 surface acres comprised of Coal Refuse storage, Topsoil storage area, diversion ditch, ponds and roads.


Ivel Plant is permitted for 8 years. The plant had an upgrade in 2006 (designed by Sedgman) and has a maximum feed rate of 550 tonnes per hour; providing a nominal 3.2mt per annum.


The Ivel plant transports and receives product through road (trucking) and outputs its product by rail through a model load out facility and road through a contracted trucking fleet.


A wholly owned SNR Operation, Stonecoal is an operating mine in the Alma Coal Reserves are located near Crum, West Virginia. The development of extensive twin slopes to access the seam was completed in 2014. The operations utilise a single unit, continuous miner, room and pillar mine.

The operation also has a surface mine permit and reserve and seam for a surface operation. The haul road is in place.


Reserve summary:

                       In Place tons          Recoverable Tons

Deep mine        36,293,156             18,146,8781

Surface             7,570,643               7,570,643 2

1 (permitted in Alma seam). 30,110 clean coal tonnes mined as of 22/6/2015

2 (leased) 8.3 Million Recoverable tonnes Coalburg (7.1 contour, 1.2 HWM)

3. Assessed by independent third party - Envirotec llc

The product provides coal to make Mini Stoker / Pea Stoker, Stoker and Thermal Product. The operation will produce approx. 1 million clean tonnes, per annum, of RAW coal for delivery to Ivel CHPP.


An SNR wholly owned operation, Logan is an underground mine, located at Snap Branch in Logan County, West Virginia, the current mine layout has 6 years remaining at approximately 120,000 clean tonnes per year ROM with the capacity for expansion. The mining process is standard room and pillar. The product from this mine is a high value mini stoker Smart Carbon.


Reserve summary : 


                          In Place tons     Recoverable

Deep mine        485,226             242,613

Snap Creek Reserve Base Evaluation by Marshall Miller on No 2 Gas Seam completed 1/3/2012.

Note: Approximately 120,000 tons has been mined as of  6/22/2015 

Assessed by independent third party - Envirotec llc


The product provides coal to make Mini Stoker / Pea Stoker, Stoker and Thermal Product. The operation will produce 198,000 tonnes per annum, of RAW coal for delivery to the Ivel CHPP.


SNR has acquired the Cheyenne operations from Pyramid Mining located at Coal Run Village, Kentucky. Coal Run Village is located approximately 9 km north west of Pikeville, Kentucky, United States. SNR Cheyenne LLC consists of 5 separate mining operations that will ramp up to produce 1.4 Million tons per annum.


The total in-place reserve is 40.9 million tons. Additional 53.6 million of in--‐place reserves are contiguous to the SNR Cheyenne Properties. 

The operation provides coal to make Smart Carbon and is washed at SNR's nearby Ivel Prep Plant facility.

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